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  • Virus, spyware and malware removal & Password recovery
    Computer repairs, laptop repairs and troubleshooting
    Windows & software installs
    Maintenance and upgrades
    Data recovery

Technology can be stressful, especially when it goes wrong. Whether you are looking for computer repair services, help configuring your computer or are having problems with your broadband, we will take that stress away.

We provide:

  • A free 30 minutes’ diagnostic to understand exactly what the problem is and what it will cost to put right
  • A free call-out to homes up to 10 miles from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. A call-out charge of £15 will apply over 10 miles
  • Remote support for those jobs where we don’t need access to the physical computer

Hourly rated jobs are priced at £30 per hour. Once the job is complete, your computer will be thoroughly tested to confirm that everything is in working order. Click the tabs below to learn more about our services.

Virus, spyware and malware removal - Typical job duration 1-2 hours

Viruses and malware can slow down your computer, corrupt data and pose a serious threat to your security information. We will remove all viruses and provide advice on how to prevent future attacks. If the infection is particularly insidious then a system reinstall may be the only sensible option.

Printer troubleshooting - Typical job duration 1 hour

Setting up a printer or trying to work out why it doesn’t work can be frustrating, especially if you have an older model. We will diagnose the problem and get your printer up and running again in no time.

Broadband and Wi-Fi issues - Typical job duration 1 hour

If you are struggling to set up your broadband or are having connection problems, we will review your set-up, make recommendations and set it up to maximise your broadband speed. If connection problems prove to be an issue with your service provider, we will provide a report confirming that your broadband is set up correctly and that the fault lies with them.

Laptop screen replacement

A broken screen doesn’t mean you need a new laptop. We replace screens on all makes and models of laptops.

Password recovery

Older operating systems don’t provide an easy password reset option. If you can’t access your computer, because you have forgotten your password, we will reset it to one you can remember.

Data recovery

If your computer won’t boot up or is damaged beyond repair we can still save all your files. In 95% of cases we will be able to recover deleted data, as long as it hasn’t been overwritten.

Booting up problems

Have you noticed your computer or laptop taking longer to boot up or has it reached the point where it won’t start at all? Don’t panic - we will be able to diagnose the exact problem and get it working again.

Data backup/transfer - Typical job duration 1+ hours

To be on the safe side you should always backup data regularly. We can advise you on the best method and carry out the backup. If you are changing computer, we will ensure all your files and data are transferred safely.

Windows reinstall - Typical job duration 1 hour

You may wish to reinstall Windows because your system is running slow or you may be upgrading to the latest version of Windows. We will manage the whole process ensuring you don’t lose any data and your system works flawlessly.

Memory upgrade - Typical job duration 1 hour

Upgrading the amount of memory in your laptop or computer is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to boost performance. We will advise on how much memory you can add and install it.

Computer fan internal cleaning - Typical job duration 1 hour

Upgrading the amount of memory in your laptop or computer is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to boost performance. We will advise on how much memory you can add and install it.

Software installation - Typical job duration 1 hour

Once you have purchased your software, we will install it on all relevant devices.

Hard disk upgrade - Typical job duration 1 hour

Upgrading your hard disk can give your computer or laptop a new lease of life. It will run faster and give you more space for your files. We also provide a hard disk cloning service.


Home networking is never as simple as you think. We will provide advice on what equipment you need, how to achieve what you want and then install the system for you.

Custom PC design (parts and licences not included) - Typical job duration 6+ hour

Whether you want the best computer possible, a specialist gaming PC or simply want all your media to play through one device, we will help design and build a computer to meet your exact specifications. We will also install any software as required.

Insurance report - Typical job duration 0.5 hours

If you require a detailed report for insurance or warranty purposes, we will carry out a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the damage and provide a report outlining all issues, whether repair is possible and a quote for the repairs.

If you don’t see the service you require listed above, or you aren’t sure what the problem is, please get in touch.

Important Information

  • Hourly rated jobs are charged at £30 per hour, calculated to the nearest 20 minutes.
  • Rates do not include the cost of parts or licenses
  • Data loss while carrying out work is unlikely; however, we urge customers to take a backup of critical data files (if possible) before we perform any work.
  • Payment is on completion of the job and made in one of the following ways - Cash, Paypal, Paym, Faster Payments and Bacs


Please ensure your number is not hidden or private, otherwise your call will be directed to voice-mail. Calls may be recorded for quality control & verbal agreement verification.


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